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Our Patents

Our advanced vertical autoscaling technology, proudly developed indigenously, is now patented in India, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This innovation powers our IaaS offering, eNlight Cloud, by detecting real-time system resource requirements.

  • Two-way Scaling of Hadoop Cluster: Customers can define vertical and storage-based horizontal scaling (HSG) of nodes.
  • Real-Time Resource Detection: The technology automatically adjusts resources based on current demands.
  • Pay-Per-Use Billing: Customers are billed only for the resources they consume.
  • Multi-Layered Security: Comprehensive protection for enterprise-grade security.
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Managed Services

ESDS manages cloud and IT operations effectively for seamless operation and optimal resource utilization. With advanced Managed services, we provide operational best practice guidance and execution, unique automation, expertise, and experience tailored to your environment and applications.

  • Proactive management: Our managed services offer proactive, preventive, and investigative capabilities, reducing operational risks and freeing resources for innovation.
  • Enhanced capabilities: Expand your team's capabilities with services including data protection, disaster recovery, security, patching, BCP management and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Risk reduction: Lower operational risks while maintaining agility and compliance with industry standards.
  • Innovation focus: Outsource critical IT functions to focus on strategic innovation initiatives.
  • Compliance assurance: Ensure regulatory compliance with robust management and proactive measures

Managed Security Services

In-house security resources are in high demand, budgets are tight, the number of endpoints that must be managed is increasing, and threats are getting more vicious.

  • Customizable managed security: ESDS provides tailored solutions with expert threat intelligence to defend against advanced threats, reduce attack surfaces, and enhance incident response.
  • Risk detection and response: Utilize ESDS's platform and deep threat intelligence for proactive risk management, ensuring comprehensive protection.
  • Endpoint security: Secure enterprise endpoints with managed encryption, data loss prevention, and antivirus solutions in distributed environments.
  • Threat intelligence: Leverage ESDS's strong threat intelligence and expertise to mitigate emerging risks effectively.
  • Incident response: Swiftly respond to and recover from security incidents with ESDS's managed services, ensuring minimal disruption and business continuity.
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You must know where your infrastructure is secure

Discover the impact of strategic infrastructure placement with ESDS!
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Comprehensive IT Migration Services

From navigating data managing regulations to landing zones in the cloud landscape, ESDS Cloud and IT Migration Services helps you manage complexity. As one of the leading providers of cloud migration services, our team of experts carefully examines your existing IT infrastructure to create a customized strategy that ensures a seamless migration journey.

  • Strategic cloud consulting: Collaborate to choose the best OS, cloud strategy, and partners for your needs, ensuring a smooth and tailored cloud roadmap.
  • Efficient migration services: Quickly and securely modernize and migrate to the cloud with ESDS, focusing on safety, affordability, and agility.
  • Seamless infrastructure transition: Minimize disruptions with our industry-proven approach to migrating your infrastructure to the cloud.
  • Simplified data transfer: To streamline your transition, use ESDS tools for quick, easy, and secure data migration.
  • Data sync and management: Syncing and managing data seamlessly across platforms ensures data integrity and operational continuity during migration.

Cloud Hosting Services

ESDS offers comprehensive cloud hosting services, including public, private, hybrid, and community cloud services, tailored to specific industries like BFSI, government, and enterprises. Their solutions provide automatic scalability, high performance, and live migration without downtime.

  • Secure environments: ESDS provides dedicated environments with industry-compliant security and customer-managed encryption for enhanced data protection.
  • Cost-efficient billing: Their "pay-per-consumption" model ensures economical use of resources, promoting cost efficiency.
  • Comprehensive managed services: ESDS offers 24/7 IT support, monitoring, and disaster recovery, ensuring continuous operational readiness.
  • Flexibility and customization: Achieve optimal performance with ESDS's solutions tailored to meet diverse business needs while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Business sector coverage: Across various sectors, ESDS combines flexibility, security, and customization to support businesses in achieving their operational goals.
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Colocation Data Center Services

ESDS offers managed colocation hosting services, including customizable rack space options, high-power substations, precision air conditioning, and FM200 fire suppression.

  • High uptime guarantee: Benefit from 99.995% uptime, proactive 24/7 monitoring, and free setups and reboots for reliable hosting of critical IT global-campaign.
  • Secure infrastructure: Ensure safe and reliable hosting with dedicated IPs and expert support from ESDS.
  • High-speed connectivity: Drive digital innovation with ESDS data centers, which offer high-speed, low-latency connectivity to meet digital goals efficiently.
  • Colocation efficiency: ESDS colocation services simplify operations and scale easily, streamlining workflows and effectively handling increasing data volumes.
  • Hub for connectivity: Utilize ESDS data centers as central hubs for seamless business transitions from edge to cloud, effortlessly connecting businesses, clients, and ecosystems.

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